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GPRS vs 3G

PRS vs 3G
GPRS service was created as an addition to the GSM network to be able to send and receive data packets. 3G is a faster and a better version of GPRS.

Nook Wi-Fi vs Wi-Fi/3G

Nook Wi-Fi vs Wi-Fi/3G
The Nook is an E-Reader from Barnes & Noble. It is based on the Android platform. Mainly there are only three differences between the Nook Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/3G: connectivity, aesthetic, and weight.

iPad vs iPod Touch

iPad vs iPod Touch
The iPod Touch was designed to be a portable media player first, in addition to a personal digital assistant, handheld game console, and Wi-Fi mobile device. iPod Touch is essentially a step ahead of the iPod...

Tablet vs Smartphone

Tablets are a cross between smartphones and laptops, have a bigger screen than smartphones and provide a better multimedia experience. Smartphones are mobiles that have capabilities like mini handheld...

iPad vs iPhone

iPad vs iPhone
The iPad has a 9.7 inch display, while the iPhone has a 3.5 inch display and can make phone calls.


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