Difference between E-Ticket and I-Ticket

Key difference: E-Ticket is an electronic printed ticket. I-Ticket is a ticket couriered to the traveler by the railways.

When traveling with the Indian Railways, one has the option of booking their ticket online. This ticket can either be in the E-Ticket or I-Ticket format. The difference between the two is how the traveler gets the ticket.

An E-Ticket is an electronic ticket which the traveler can book and print at their own convenience. I-Ticket must be booked two days before the day of travel. This ticket is then couriered by the railway to the address provided by the traveler. There must be someone at home to receive the ticket; otherwise it can just delay the process.

While using an E-Ticket, one must also carry an identification proof, to prove that the person traveling is the same person who booked the ticket. As most people usually carry an identification proof while traveling, i.e. passport or a driving license; this isn’t that much of a hassle. Also, an E-Ticket comes out to be slightly cheaper than an I-Ticket, as the I-Ticket adds on a delivery charge to cover the cost of the courier. Also, the cancellation process of an E-Ticket and I-Ticket differs, with an E-Ticket being easier to cancel. A complete comparison is as follows:




Prior booking

Booked and used on the same day

Must be booked two days before use

Mode of ticket

Print the ticket at traveler’s convenience

Ticket is couriered to the traveler. Someone must be home to accept the ticket.


Printing charges

Railway charges a fee to deliver the ticket.


Provide identification

No identification required

Seat status

Seat/berth must be confirmed or is RAC.

Can be booked in 'waiting list' status.


Easier to cancel, can be cancelled on the same day as use until the final reservation chart is prepared. Cheaper than canceling I-ticket.

Cannot be cancelled online. One must go to the appropriate counter at the station and fill out a form. Higher cancellation charges.

Image Courtesy: indiweb.in

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