Difference between Thin and Slim

Key difference: Thin and slim are words which are often used interchangeably. They could mean the same or different, depending upon the context in which they’re used.

Thin and slim are two terms that are used quite religiously by people all over the world. In the present scenario, these words are most associated either with electronics and gadgets such as mobile phones, TV’s, etc., or for describing the body shape of a certain man, woman, etc. Thin and slim can go hand in hand when used for gadgets, as they mean that the said device is compact and easy to use. Whereas, when a person is called slim or thin according to his/her body shape and size, the implied connotation bears a considerable difference.

If the word thin is used to describe a person’s figure, it usually means that the person weighs less than he/she ideally should. Subliminally, it means that a person looks weak in appearance, and hints at malnutrition. It isn’t a term that carries a positive connotation. It also isn’t down right pejorative as the word skinny, which means that a person is in an emaciated state with his/her bones conspicuously protruding out from their skin. Thin is a word that lies somewhere between slim and skinny.

The word slim on the other hand, is used to describe a person who is just about the right size in appearance. Men and women these days are fairly desirous of being called slim, as it also fits the bill as regards being sexy. Being slim is considered as being sexy, which is why people like to be called slim, but not thin. Slim is healthier than thin, and describes a figure that contains low amount of fat. Slim is desirable and attractive, as compared to being called thin. One other way of understanding this vague difference is that thin is the opposite of thick, and slim is the opposite of fat.

On the whole, both thin and slim are useful words which can help an individual differentiate between the body types of persons around him/her.

Comparison between Thin and Slim:




Amount of fat

No fat

Low amount of fat


Under weight

Just the right weight or slightly underweight




Desired term

The word thin is not desired by people as it reminds them of malnourishment.

Slim is a term that people like to be known by, as it means that a person is attractive and desirable.





Keira Knightley is thin

Jennifer Aniston is slim

Image Courtesy: images.smh.com.au

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