Difference between Burger and Sandwich

Key Difference: A sandwich is cooked by generally placing a filling of meat or vegetables between two bread slices (flat bread) while a burger is cooked by placing a filling of meat or vegetables between a bun, sliced into two. The main difference is; sandwich uses flat bread for binding and a burger uses bun for binding the filling.

A sandwich consists of  two bread slices (flat bread) and filled with placing a filling of meat or vegetables between these two slices. A burger is cooked by placing a filling of meat or vegetables between a bun, sliced into two. Burger and sandwich, these two names are very popular in youngsters specially. People love to eat them and thus had given rise to many restaurants, those offering just sandwiches or burgers or both. The difference lies only in the type of covering that is used to bind the meat or vegetables inside the patty. They have also gained popularity as a lot of variety of bread and buns are available as well as one can experiment with the ingredients of the filling inside the breads or bun.

There have been various claims stating the inventor of the burger but still it remains unclear. Burgers and sandwiches both are very popular fast food and have been the prominent dish in fast food restaurants. Burgers as already defined is a dish that consists of a filling and a bun. This filling can be a flat patty made of cooked vegetables or meat, or cheese and various other options are available to put as a filling. Buns are kind of bread but do not have a flat surface. They are generally round in shape. The bun is sliced in middle to put the filling inside. After putting the filling above the lower portion of bun, one can also add sauces like tomato, chili, mayonnaise etc depending upon the taste required. After the filling is set on bun, the upper portion of the bun covers it and together forms a unit called as burger. Burger buns are also made from various types of flour like wheat, etc. The burgers have also gained popularity as it is prepared within few minutes and is quite filling. Looking at the history of burgers, we can find that earlier thicker buns were prepared by hand from ground flour but now burgers are thin and have uniform thickness. Now a day’s layered burgers are also gaining popularity; these buns have various layers of slices of bun and fillings. A round patty made of meshed potatoes is also very popular as filling of a sandwich.

Sandwich has been named after a British statesman named John Montagu, 4th Earl of sandwich. A sandwich is made of two or more slices of bread with fillings between the bread slices. Many variations have been given to sandwich in terms of bread and filling, and due to the variety lot of sandwiches are available for the consumers. They include club sandwich, cheese sandwich, egg sandwich, meat sandwich etc.  Grilled sandwiches are also very popular among the sandwiches. Bread can be of any type ranging from whole meal, wheat meal, multigrain to fruit etc.

These fast foods are simple to make and are readily available in many restaurants. They an easily be wrapped and one can just eat it after grabbing it. Not necessarily required to be served on plate. McDonald and subway are some of the famous names in the burger and sandwich industry. Widely popular among kids and teens they have also managed to win hearts of all the ages. Another advantage is that they are very simple to eat and pack and thus are also preferred for picnics etc.  One can add the filling of choice and experiment with flavours also.

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Quite possibly the worst rundown of a "sandwich vs. burger" debate ever. This settles nothing, and the reiterations in the article made my eyes bleed. Know your sandwiches and your burgers before you go saying they're the same thing except on different buns. WRONG. MISCONSEPTION. WRONG.

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