Difference between Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer

Key Difference: Hair dryer and blow dryer are actually similar devices. This device is used to dry wet hair and style it. The only difference between the two words is where they are used; hair dryer is used in almost all countries around the word, while blow dryer is used in America.

Hair dryer and blow dryer are two kinds of beauty product that are found in the homes of many people and has become an essential tool to drying and styling hair. These two words are heard commonly in today’s word and often a part of many styling techniques, salons and even households. Though, these two words may seem different and are believed to be different by many people, they are actually not. These two words refer to the same instrument that is used to dry wet hair after a shower. The only difference between the two words is where they are used; hair dryer is used in almost all countries around the word, while blow dryer is used mainly in America.

Hair dryers or blow dryers are electromechanical devices that give off hot or cool air to dry hair quickly after a shower. The hair dryer is designed to give off the air to help accelerate the evaporation of water from the hair. The faster evaporation also allows the hair to style and set quickly compared to air drying. Hence, hair dryers are a common feature of almost all salons and hair styling boutiques. After a wash, temporary hydrogen bonds form between strands of hair and are quite powerful and determine the shape and style of hair. Blow dryers also play a huge part in controlling these hydrogen bonds that shape the hair. These bonds are temporary and can be washed out.

Hair dryers and blow dryers were invented around the 1890s by Alexander F. "Beau" Godefroy and were a part of his salon in France. It is said that Godefroy created the hair dryer by taking inspiration from a vacuum cleaner. These traditional hair dryers were huge and had a dome that was placed on top of the client’s head, which would put out warm air to dry and style the hair. Modern versions of such devices, known as hair hood dryers are still seen in some salons. The handheld hair dryers that are found in almost all households popped up during the 1920s and were used by beauty salons and professional stylists. However, the first patent for a blow dryer in America was filed in 1911 by Armenian American inventor Gabriel Kazanjian.

Hair dryers are made by using plastic with ceramic heating elements. The ceramic provides an instant heating capability, resulting in faster heating and drying time. The device has coils of wire with high electric resistivity along with a fan that is powered by a universal motor. The heating coils or ceramic heating elements provide the heat to heat up the air, while the fan blows the air out of the device. The devices are powered by electricity. The hair dryers also have a ‘cool’ button that does not provide heat but simply provides room temperature hair to reduce the frizz from the hair. Now-a-days, many dryers are available with various technologies such as ionic features, which are claimed to reduce static electricity between hair strands and make hair less frizzy and smoother. Hair dryers are also available with various attachments such as diffusers, airflow concentrators, and comb nozzle attachments.

Image Courtesy: womanmagazine.co.uk

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