Difference between Hulu and Netflix

Key Difference: Hulu is an on-demand and internet based television viewing service with greater number of television shows and lesser number of movies. Netflix is an on-demand and internet based television viewing service with old television shows and more number of movies.

The latest trend in the television broadcasting industry is to watch television by using the internet medium on various devices such as Internet-connected television, Blu-ray players, Set-top boxes, Gaming console, Mobile phones and Tablets. The information about device compatibility is updated from time to time, hence, firstly it is important to check with the available devices in terms of your convenience and affordability. Secondly, you can compare your choice of devices with the devices made available to the user by Hulu/Netflix.

More and more television viewers are changing their preference from the regular Cable operated television viewing to on-demand television viewing. This type of television viewing experience enables the user to watch television shows and movies that are already broadcasted but the user missed them for any reason.  Hence it is also called as on-demand television viewing.

Hulu and Netflix are two such service providers that allow the user to view television ‘on-demand’, anywhere, and everywhere with the aid of the above mentioned devices. Another advantage is that the consumer pays less subscription money to watch selective television channels rather than paying more money to the cable company and viewing a whole package of television channels.

The detailed comparison between both service providers – ‘Hulu & Netflix’ is mentioned below.





Less movies

More  movies


Hulu Plus is the premium service of Hulu

  • There is no upgrade as such.

TV Shows

Recently launched  television Shows because Hulu is a joint venture between NBC (NBC Universal), FOX (News Corp), and ABC (Disney)

Older television shows because Netflix does not have a tie-up arrangement similar to Hulu with television companies, at least as on today.

Source of revenue

  • Advertising or Sponsorship is the main source of revenue for Hulu.
  • Subscriptions partly paid to television channels are the main source of revenue for Netflix.

Commercial breaks

  • The user can select a Hulu plan that has less or more commercial breaks as per individual preference.
  • An advertisement- free television viewing experience is available.





Less on television channel company subscription because Hulu itself is an extended arm of the television companies.

More on television channel company subscription because Netflix does not have a tie-up arrangement similar to Hulu with television companies, at least as on today.

How to choose?

Depending on your requirement, choose Hulu to watch latest television shows and less of movies.

  • Depending on your requirement, choose Netflix to enjoy more movies and less of recent television shows.
  • Old television shows are available.

Online Distribution, Business and Personal utility

Share anywhere, everywhere

  • Player Embeds – Share on business website
  • Facebook
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  • Media Feed: Content integration and flexible implementation
  • Player Embed Directory: Contextual placing of videos
  • Search Feed: Index and send users to appropriate show pages


Share anywhere, everywhere

  • Player Embeds – Share on business website
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Comparatively new player

Established in the year 1997, it is the oldest player in the business

In addition to the distinctions mentioned in the table there is one more critical difference that Hulu offers its users. This is Hulu’s business promotion advantage unlike Netflix. Netflix does not have these added features that give the users a business advertisement advantage and hence Netflix is more suitable for personal use with the intention of just getting the daily entertainment. Contrary to this, Hulu can be used by both business and personal category of users.

Let us take a look at the business promotion advantages offered by Hulu:

  • AdSwap: This is a unique feature offered to all Hulu users and it allows the user to change their ad-viewing experience by watching alternate ads and cancel the one that is playing. All they have to do is click on their preference and they get to watch an advertisement that is more suitable to their requirement.
  • Sponsorships: With higher customization in program viewing experience, there is a greater chance to categorize the audience into different segments. For instance, there is a Halloween video archive known as Huluween. You can place your product advertisement on ‘Hulu.com Home page’ which will be displayed on the Halloween day. This allows the user to strike an instant rapport with the users who are using Hulu and celebrating Halloween.
  • Ad Specifications: Hulu allows the broadcasting of shorter duration commercials with the intended message, audio-visual and music. Building these types of ads is extremely convenient.

Image Courtesy: Netflix.com, Hulu.com

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I've had them all Sling, Hulu, Netflix and even Comcast stream...Sling claims you can customize your channels and only select the ones you want to watch. It's all a lie you select from a package and to see the ONE channel you want to watch once again you have to pay for channels you don't want to support. Hulu and Netflix never update their selections. Tv shows are at least 6 years older than what is current. Netflix does have original content for whom I don't know not anyone or anything I would watch...Comcast stream is free so who can complain. That being said there is no such thing as good television anymore. It's better you find a different hobby.

Netflix is higher than $7.99/mo...more like $10.99 to get the new 4K capability. They have the same movies...and rarely update or add new ones. I'm thinking of trying Hulu...I'd prefer less of a choice, but more recent selections.

Great descriptions, thanks! It would better if they both told in detail what was available.

Im still confused as to wether or not you get Hulu Plus or Netflix I am looking for the newer TV shows in the new movie so I'm kind of split do you have an idea please let me know

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