Politics & Government

President vs Prime Minister of India

President of India is the formal head of the executive, legislature and judiciary of India and is the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The Prime Minister of India is the chief of government,...

Civil Rights vs Civil Liberties

Civil Rights vs Civil Liberties
Civil liberties are protections against government actions. Civil rights are equal rights of all citizens as protected by the government.

Refugee vs Asylee

A refugee refers to a person who seeks shelter in a country outside the country of his origin due to fear of persecution on the basis of religion, race, nationality, etc. An asylee is a person who seeks...

Army vs Navy

Army vs Navy
The term ‘Army’ is derived from Latin word “arma” meaning “arms” or “weapons’. Army is a land based military branch is responsible for dealing with threat faced on land. The navy is responsible for conflict or...

Theft vs Robbery

Theft vs Robbery
Theft is when a person unlawfully takes another person’s belonging with the intention of not returning it. A victim need not be present at the scene for this crime. Robbery is defined by the law as the...


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