Difference between Paranormal and Parapsychology

Key difference: Paranormal is a term that covers a wide range of anomalies such as telepathy, extra-sensory perception, psycho kinesis, etc. Parapsychology is the examination and study of paranormal occurrences that are inexplicable by science.

Paranormal, as the name suggests, implies something that is abnormal and often befuddling to people, who have no knowledge in the subject. Paranormal covers a wide range of topics such as telepathy, extra-sensory perception, psycho kinesis, ghosts, haunting, etc. Persons who are enthusiastic about it, and take up paranormal study professionally, are known as paranormal investigators. These people are highly qualified not only in their subject, but also in all the other subject related fields. Which is why, they’re adept at accepting things that defy standard logic, rather than contesting them or fabricating them as per their hypotheses.

Parapsychology is the study of events that have been rendered unfathomable by science. Parapsychology involves close observation and examination of events that don’t fall under common science categories. Paranormal events too, find a place in the realm of parapsychology. People who take up studying and research in this subject are known as parapsychologists. Although their study deals with unscientific happenings, parapsychologists use the conventional methods of science to arrive at a probable conclusion, for any given scenario. Also, the works of prominent parapsychologists are frequently recorded in leading science journals.

Comparison between Paranormal and Parapsychology:





Paranormal is a term coined for events such as telepathy, extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis, etc.

Parapsychology is the study of other unnatural events, besides paranormal events.


Persons who take up paranormal events as their profession are called paranormal investigators.

People studying and researching in parapsychology are known as parapsychologists.

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